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Notice Board:

2017/18 IDP BUDGET REVIEW - Public participation programme
Parks and Cemetery Tree Maintanance Unit has made arrangements for any falling tree emergency that might occur, as a result of the upcoming floods. 
We hereby warn the public to be vigilent when driving in certain roads especially in the Walmer area, Cape Road and Kragga Kamma Road where we have Brittle Blue Gum and old Pine Trees. For emergencies please call: Miss B. Ngcukana or Mr T. Mutukwa at 0794900614 / 082 312 2028 respectively.




In terms of Clause 141 of the National Water Act (Act No. 36 of 1998) and in terms

ofClause 83 of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality’s Water and Sanitation Bylaw

(2010), property owners are required to notify the Municipality of the existence of a

borehole(s) on their property. Failure to provide the required information by 31 July

2017 will constitute an offense in terms of municipal Bylaw.

As per aforementioned Clause 83, property owners with borehole(s) are required

to provide the following information:

• Full name and surname

• Municipal account number

• Physical address and name of owner of the borehole

• Coordinates of the borehole

• Yield of the borehole (if known)

• Depth of the borehole

• Casing depth and casing material

• Depth of water level

• Name of borehole driller and drilling log

The EC borehole number is obtainable from Department of Water and Sanitation

(Dane Von Berg, tel. 041 501 0739 or email

The Municipality will acknowledge receipt of the information provided, which must be

submitted to the following contact:

Executive Director: Infrastructure & Engineering

Water Distribution:

Attention: Mr Joseph Tsatsire

PO Box 7, Port Elizabeth


 Submission Deadline: Monday, 31 July 2017

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